1/ What information do you need for the quote?

You need to let us know the following:

  • source and target language
  • the deadline
  • and part of the text so we can see if editing is needed

2/ How to make an order?

If you are happy with the quote, you can sign the confirmation e-mail that will have your order number and send it back to us. That will signal to us to start with translation. You will also be asked to make an advance payment for the translation. In case of the corporate clients an invoice will be issued and sent by e-mail.

3/ How quickly will I get the quote?

We will strive to send you a quote as soon as possible. Usually we confirm the availability of the translator or editor so there are not any delays.

4/ How much does the translation cost?

The rates vary according to the number of factors. We look at the language combination, quality of the source text and the deadline. Our prices are competitive and reasonable.

5/ What formats do you accept?

We accept texts in Word document format. We can also work with a hard copy.

6/ Do you offer Desktop Publishing Services?

Unfortunately, we don’t. We are focused purely on translation and editing.

7/ Why to pay in advance?

We require advance payment from private clients. From corporate clients we require either partial payment or payment by cheque/bank transfer depending on the scale of the project.

8/ Are there any hidden costs?

There might be an extra cost if you ask for the courier delivery or if the source text has many mistakes and needs to be edited first. All this will be clarified before the actual order is made so there will not misunderstandings.

9/Can you provide verified/certified translator?

We can provide verified/certified translator for certain language combinations. Those combinations are highlighted in the menu.

10/ Can I check translator’s credentials and can I work with him/her directly?

Upon request we will send you translator’s CV and list of clients he/she worked for, however we cannot disclose personal contact details and information.
If the nature of your project requires to work with the translator directly, please let us know in advance.

11/ How do you guarantee that I will get a high quality translation?

We are group of professional and experienced translators. It is in our interest to provide you with the best quality work as we depend on word of mouth and on building frequent customer base.
In case of a large volume project we will translate a sample text for free.

12/ How do you keep my text confidential?

Each translator/editor has signed a non-disclosure agreement. Our system is very old fashioned in its set up. We do have an uploading facility on our website. We do not keep your information or text, once the translation is completed the files are destroyed. If you are worried about the confidentiality you may send us the translation by courier or deliver personally. Alternatively, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.

13/ Can you handle large volume translation?

Yes, but we need to be informed about the deadline and be able to see the source text. If we cannot fulfill your deadline we will let you know so you don’t lose any time.

14/ I need a language combination that is not listed on your site, can you provide it?

Yes, please contact us and let us know what combination you need. We are constantly expanding our pool of translators. In case of less common combinations we can arrange the translation through our partner company in Europe.

15/ Do you provide legal and medical translation?

Unfortunately we do not.

16/ Can I work for you?

We are a small team focused on certain language combinations. We are always looking for more certified translators with an expertise in a particular field. If you are a professional translator and would like to work with us please note our following requirements:

1/ University education
2/ 5 years of translation of experience
3/ being available for online interview a able to provide references
4/ team player, being able to work with other translators
5/ flexible with time and be able to keep tight deadlines

And last but not least point: we are looking for translators who actually enjoy translating. We believe that if you enjoy translating it translates into your work. Looking forward to hear from you! Please contact us @