Translation services

Currently we have native professional translators for the following language combinations:

  • English - Albanian English – Albanian
  • English - Bulgarian English – Bulgarian
  • English - Czech English – Czech
  • English - Dutch English – Dutch
  • English - English /proofreading English – English /proofreading/
  • English - French English – French
  • English - Finish English – Finish
  • English - German English – German
  • English - Greek English – Greek
  • English - Hungarian English – Hungarian
  • English - Polish English – Polish
  • English - Russian English – Russian
  • English - Slovakian English – Slovakian
  • English - Slovenian English – Slovenian
  • English - Spanish English – Spanish
  • English - Swedish English – Swedish

If you need a combination that is not listed kindly contact us at:

Our translation agency focuses mainly on the following:

1/ Translation services for Individuals

Resume translation, essays, e-mails, blogs & social media, articles, book translation, presentations, speeches and more

2/ Translation service for companies and manufacturers

any translation for e-commerce, marketing translation, website translation, app translation, training materials, e-learning, magazine articles, catalogues, press releases, promotional materials, manuals, product descriptions, product database, brochures, business plans, annual reports, fact sheets, teaching materials, curriculum and newsletters.

3/ English proofreading and English editing for business, professionals, academics and students.

We are working with a handful of experience editors and proofreaders that are in high demand, therefore we would urge you to book this service well ahead your deadline so you are not left disappointed.

If you have any specific translation that is not listed above kindly contact us on: